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Portasol Cordless Plastic Welding Kit. New Out!. APWK

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Portasol Cordless Plastic Welding Kit. New Out!. APWKAPWK.
Save the time and expense of replacing cracked or broken plastic components. Portasol introduces the APWK Plastic Welding Kit for the automotive professional. Repair any plastic part with the APWK Plastic Welding Kit, including bumper covers, mirror housings, cup holders and more.
The main element of the kit is the cordless soldering iron. Itís portable and easy to use because itís completely powered by butane. One tank-full of butane will run this soldering iron for up to 60 minutes. The ultrasonically welded gas tank provides a safer, more reliable butane torch than youíll find elsewhere.
Heat is transferred through direct contact versus hot hair so you can weld next to heat- sensitive components without damaging or destroying them Ė even fabric. Thin plastics can be welded without wrinkles, and replacement grids are included in case you need to fill a hole. Complete kit includes: cordless soldering iron, plastic welding tip, Allen key, cleaning piston, reinforcement grid, instructions and five (5) different 5 X 20 cm welding rods: Black PE, Ps, PP, ABS and white ABS to suit a wide variety of projects. All components fit into a handy case which makes it easy to bring all your materials to the vehicle.
As the kit uses the popular Portasol APP soldering Iron, you can double it's use by adding any of the APPT style soldering tips listed by our shop.